Best of Kaweah Country 2018

For 20 years, the Best of Kaweah Country readers’ poll has been a valuable resource guide for local residents and visitors when it comes to services they need and use. The Best of Kaweah Country’s mission is to identify some of the premier businesses in several areas of expertise and introduce them to thousands of readers.

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Every year, worthy businesses are applauded, and they deserve it. But we do notice some who don’t quite make it to the winner’s circle although they are exemplary, too.

Excellent local businesses like Reimer’s Candies and Sierra Subs & Salads are perennial number ones and, frankly, we don’t have a problem with that. They work hard to earn their top spots.

But other businesses don’t always receive these accolades, so feel free to start a campaign for your favorite underdog next year.

But what mitigates our wistful desire for universal inclusion is the stronger urge to know what people out there think. And even better is when the readers discover something new that’s BEST!

The riverside local and proximity to Sequoia National Park make The Gateway Restaurant the BEST Romantic Dining.



Romantic Dining: The Gateway Restaurant

Kid-Friendly Dining: Pizza Factory

Outdoor Dining: Buckaroo

Bang for Your Buck: Sierra Subs

Place to Go When Someone Else Pays: The Peaks – Wuksachi

Efren Gonzalez at Wuksachi Lodge in Sequoia National Park uses locally sourced, fresh ingredients, which earned him top spot as Kaweah Country’s BEST Chef.

Breakfast: Antoinette’s Coffee

Vegetarian: Sierra Subs

Tacos: Casa Mendoza

Pizza: Pizza Factory

Sandwich: Sierra Subs & Salads 

Burger: River View

Steak: Gateway

Salad: Sierra Subs 

Baked Goods: Antoinette’s Coffee & Goodies

Dessert: Reimer’s Candies

River View Restaurant’s BEST Burger is worth fighting for.

Takeout: Sierra Subs

Barbecue: Village Market

Coffee: Antoinette’s Coffee

Cocktail: Wuksachi

Beer: Three Rivers Brewing Co.

Wine: Totem Market

Enjoy the BEST Wine hand-selected from Central Coast vintners at Totem Market. Wine-tasting available!

Chef: Efren Gonzalez (Wuksachi)

Creative Menu: Sierra Subs


Souvenirs: Three Rivers Drug & Gifts

Outdoor Gear: Three Rivers Mercantile

Locally Grown Food: Sage Roots Produce Market

Bargain Buy: The Thingerie

Art Gallery: Cort Gallery

Happy shoppers found the BEST Bargain Buy at The Thingerie, a project of the Three Rivers Woman’s Club.

Gifts: Reimer’s Candies

Antiques: Village Antiques

Picnic Fare: Sierra Subs

Clothing: Thingerie

Jewelry: Thingerie


Family Lodging: Sequoia Village Inn

Bed & Breakfast: Sequoia River Dance B&B

Vacation Rental: Bridge House

Grab the kids and come experience the BEST Family Lodging at Sequoia Village Inn, located a stone’s throw from the entrance to Sequoia National Park.

Rustic Cabin: Silver City

Room With a View: Buckeye Tree Lodge

Amenities: Comfort Inn and Suites


Band: High Sierra Jazz Band

Author: Earl McKee

Artist: Jana Botkin

Event: Redbud Festival

Enjoy the BEST Beer in town at Three Rivers Brewing Co.

Entertainment Venue: River View

Place to Be on a Saturday Night: River View


National Park Must-See: Giant sequoias

Three Rivers Can’t-Miss: Reimer’s Candies

Jaw-Dropping Drive: Mineral King Road


It’s 25 miles in length but takes 90 minutes to navigate to the end. The Mineral King Road is truly the BEST Jaw-Dropping Drive.

Pet Services: Lone Oak Veterinary Clinic

Florist: Anne Lang’s Emporium

Massage: Marie Soleil

Hair Salon: Jag’s Edge

Fitness Studio / Gym: 3R Velo 

Yoga: 3R Yoga

Come visit the BEST Hairapist at Jag’s Salon.


Hiking Trail: Congress Trail

Picnic Spot: Crescent Meadow

Sunset Viewpoint: Moro Rock

Place to Take the Kids: Sequoia National Park

Bike Ride: Salt Creek trails

Way to Tour Without a Car: Sequoia Sightseeing Tours

Horseback Ride: Wood ‘N’ Horse

Campground: Sequoia RV Ranch

Camping at its BEST at Sequoia RV Ranch.


Community Volunteers: Aging in Community-Three Rivers

Business That Gives Back: River View

Environmentally Conscious: Buckeye Tree Lodge


 Used without change and credit given under: Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

Image courtesy of the public facebook page of Reimer’s Candies 

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