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Hume Lake

Due to fire related forest closures, please contact the National Park and National Forest websites along with their social media channels for more information.

Hume Lake

Hume Lake in the rain

Hume Lake is a must stop travel location while visiting the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Located between the Parks in the Sequoia National Forest, Hume Lake is a former logging community where a historic saw mill and resort used to stand. Now home to one of the largest Christian Camps in the nation, Hume is also a favorite for hikers, water recreation, and some great food at the Snack Shop.

A relic of the past, a logging Shay Locomotive rides with trees over Hume Lake.
Kayak at Hume Lake

Nearby Attractions

Vintage Boole Tree

The Boole Tree is nearby and what a hike to enjoy! Get all the details here with our review of the trail and some great images along the way.

Other hikes in the are include the Converse Basin, Stump Meadow, Cherry Gap, and Grant Grove.

Hume Lake Snack Shop is a the place to get a great meal and enjoy their famous ice cream. We recommend the cookie dough and peanut butter cup milkshake and Hume Burger. Don’t forget to grab some souvenirs in the gift shop and fuel up at the local gas station before heading out on your adventure. Visit for more info.

Fly Fishing on the Kings River with a trusted guide is the way to enjoy your trip and make memories that you’ll never forget. Scott MacDonald as the Hume Fly Fisherman offers guided walk-in and wade Fly Fishing trips on the Kings River. Scott has been fly fishing the Kings River and waters around the Sequoia National Forest for over 20 years. He is professional guide specializing in fly fishing the Kings River and his deep local knowledge of the area is unequaled. Scott is a graduate of the Clearwater Guide School in Northern California living and working full time at Hume Lake Christian Camps. You can make reservations at

See Also

Visit the famous Mark Twain Giant Sequoia Tree Stump and read of the amazing history behind the local hero CC Curtis who photographed the logging history of the Sequoias.

End of Mark Twain log, diameter 18 ft. C.C Curtis, photographer. 1891

The turnoff to Kings Canyon is just a couple miles north of Hume, and you have to visit this great place of wonder and one of our favorite National Parks. Read John Muir’s wild account of visiting this place once called the Garden of Eden.

The Hume Lake Dam is a historic gift John Samuel Eastwood

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