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KNP Complex Fire Recovery Fund

Due to fire related forest closures, please contact the National Park and National Forest websites along with their social media channels for more information.

KNP Complex Fire Recovery Fund

Please consider supporting our friends at the Sequoia Conservancy with the KNP Complex Fire Recovery Fund.

Here is more about their recovery fund:


In the evening of September 9, 2021, a lightning storm came through Sequoia National Park. Fire erupted and national park firefighters responded to local ignitions. By September 14, there was a mandatory evacuation of Ash Mountain, Lodgepole, Wuksachi Lodge, and Three Rivers, CA. Donations to the KNP Complex Fire Recovery Fund for Sequoia National Park will fund efforts to rebuild trails, protect sequoia groves and meadows, safeguard cultural and historic features, reestablish access to Crystal Cave, restore wildlife habitat, and more.

Last summer’s SQF Fire destroyed 10-14% of all mature giant sequoias in the world. Those sequoias were deep in the wilderness and rarely seen, but this fire is blazing through the foothills, threatening the trees and places you know and love: General Sherman, Crescent Meadow–the entire Giant Forest.

Sequoia National Park and all of its wonders have never needed you more than now. Please donate today and help prepare for the recovery efforts to come. At least ninety percent of every donation is restricted to the KNP Complex Fire Recovery Fund for Sequoia National Park. 

Other Ways to Help

You can help us spread the word and support the recovery by starting a fundraiser on social media, creating a crowdfunding campaign, or reaching out to your family and friends. We truly appreciate all the support that you can bring to this challenge.

For help setting up a fundraiser or other questions, please email the SPC at

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