Princess Campground

A great campground near the entrance to Kings Canyon

Princess Campground is an excellent campground near the entrance to Kings Canyon and Hume Lake. It sits next to a large meadow at an elevation of 5,900 feet in the Indian Basin Grove. The campsite is just 3 miles northwest of Hume Lake. The 87-acre lake was built to support a one-time commercial logging operation and is part of the Kings River Watershed, a region of the Sierra Nevada mountains replete with vast stands of timber. The lake now provides countless recreational opportunities for visitors.


This 88-site park consists of several loops, among them 19 tent-only sites. An amphitheater makes for a convivial gathering place. Some sites have a view of the adjacent meadow. Sites are shaded, parking stands are dirt and gravel. This facility is operated by Sequoia Recreation, a division of California Land Management.

Natural Features

The Sequoia National Forest, located at the southern end of the Sierra Nevada in central California, takes its name from the giant sequoia, the world’s largest tree, which grows in more than 30 groves on the Forest’s lower slopes. The Forest comprises about 1.1 million acres, and elevations range from about 1,000 to 12,000 feet, creating precipitous canyons and mountain streams with spectacular waterfalls such as Salmon Creek Falls and Grizzly Falls.

Review of Princess Campground
Excellent Campground and Location
Princess Campground is an excellent campground with beautiful young Sequoias growing all around, and a really fun location near Hume Lake, and the entrance to Kings Canyon. Our hostess was great, bathrooms were clean, and we love the open layout to the campground. Enjoy a hike through the meadow, and stay up late to watch the stars. We'll see you there.
Incredible location near the entrance of Kings Canyon and Hume Lake
Kids can play on the old Sequoia stumps left over from the logging days
Clean bathrooms
Friendly camp hostess
Low cost and great value
The campground closes in fall and we wish it would stay open later into the winter.
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The Indian Basin Grove Interpretive Trail offers an accessible, paved half-mile loop, and an additional half-mile extension loop through the grove and meadow area. The trailhead is right outside the camp entrance. At nearby Hume Lake, visitors can enjoy fishing, non-motorized boating, hiking, mountain biking and off-road exploring. For hikers of all levels, the 2.6-mile Hume Lake Loop at the lake and features interpretive signs and benches.

The campground provides a great base for day trips to Hume Lake, Kings Canyon National Park, Sequoia National Park, Giant Sequoia National Monument, and General Grant Grove.

Recreation Sites

Standard Nonelectric

Tent Only Nonelectric



Day Use Area




Drinking Water

Vault Toilets

Picnic Table

Fire Pit

Food Locker

Driving Directions

From Fresno, California, go east on Highway 180 to Grants Grove, continuing approximately 12 miles to Princess Campground on the right.

Need to Know

This is black bear country; Special food storage regulations in effect and must be followed

Only non-motorized boats are allowed on Hume Lake

Off-road vehicles are not permitted in the campground

In accordance with standard industry practices, Sequoia Recreation will be assessing a $7 additional vehicle fee per night on the second vehicle in each single family campsite, and on the third and fourth vehicle in any double family campsite, provided these vehicles are not joined to the first vehicle by a hitch and towed onto the site. In the case of motorcycles, the first two are considered to be one vehicle and the third and fourth are also considered to be one vehicle. No additional vehicle fees are collected for bicycles.

Camping fee does not include Park Entrance Fee

Fire restrictions may be imposed at any time due to hot, dry weather conditions, at which time campfires and charcoal fires may not be allowed. For current fire conditions or weather closures contact the Hume Lake Ranger District, (559) 338-2251

Don’t Move Firewood: Protect California’s forests from tree-killing pests by buying your firewood locally and burning it on-site. For more information visit


GPS Coordinates:



36° 48′ 10.0224″ N



118° 56′ 17.0988″ W


Photo by HipCamp

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