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Smokey Bear History

The guardian of our forest has been a part of the American scene for so…

Garmin inReach Mini Review

The Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are a beautiful and restful retreat from the…

Help Cal Fire by Posting Your Address

For those living in the region, it sounds pretty simple. “Post Your Address in 4…

Maps and Roads

The National Park Service recommends that you check conditions before going uphill. The information provided…

Image of smokey who says "Wildfires can start anywhere."
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Wildfires can start anywhere
Swift Water Warning

As the snow continues to melt with the warming weekend temperatures, remember that mountain rivers…

John Muir, 1878

Walk the sequoia woods at any time of year, and you will say they are the most beautiful on earth. Rare and impressive contrasts meet you everywhere‚—the colors of tree and flower, rock and sky, light and shade, strength and frailty, endurance and evanescence…. Then in winter the trees themselves break forth in universal bloom, myriads of small four-sided conelets crowd the ends of the slender sprays, coloring the whole tree, and, when ripe, dusting all the air and the ground with golden pollen.

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